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Package 3 Ultimate Rebalance

12X 1-to-1 sessions Email/Calls

  • 12 hr
  • X12 sessions (£1140)
  • Online or Sheffield S25

Service Description

12X Personalised 1-to-1 Sessions (1 hour): at intervals to suit your needs up to a 9-month period. Total Value = £1,140 PLUS - Between session email support - 8X 10-minute calls *Extra free gifts with a single up-front payment. Note: All sessions will be delivered in conjunction with The Chrysalis Effect Recovery Pathway. Various payment options available so you can spread the costs if you prefer. Why packages of support? I use packages of care rather than single sessions as it takes time to get your life back on track after experiencing a debilitating chronic exhaustive condition. Who is this package suitable for? This package is ideal if you have a chronic exhaustive condition such as CFS, ME, Fibromyalgia, or Post Viral Fatigue and you’re in the early stages of recovery. I explain which phase of recovery you are in during your Health Profile Review. This package gives you one-to-one support over a 9-12 month period, and extra sessions mean you can get more support when you need it. You will gain the knowledge and tools you need to release your symptoms for good. How I support you. My role as a Wellbeing Coach/Accredited Specialist is to support my clients by providing the information, insight, and tools they need to achieve a balanced, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. I teach clients the cause of their symptoms, what triggers them, and how to eliminate them for good! The methods I use empower clients to take control and feel re-energised. Over the course of our work together you will become well-versed in handling issues with your fatigue whenever and wherever they arise. I use a holistic mind/body approach that will get to the route of your symptoms and address both the physical and emotional aspects of what is keeping you stuck. Following tried and tested methods I first establish which stage of recovery you are in, and then systematically address 8 key areas that will identify your personal roadmap to recovery. I also lead a team of practitioners allowing me to cross-refer so that you can access the exact support you need as you progress on your unique recovery journey. What next? Please email to book in for your 30-minute discovery call where I tell you which stage of recovery you are in, and answer any questions you may have including the different payment options available. You can then book in for an ‘Introduction Session' to decide if this package is the one for you.

Contact Details


Sheffield S25, UK

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