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Inspiring Stories

Do you want to release CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia and Post-Viral Fatigue (e.g., Long COVID) symptoms? Then this could be you!

As a Health and Wellbeing Coach and recoverer from chronic fatigue I’m passionate about helping others achieve their full potential and get their lives back on track. I work hard on developing a personal, open, and transparent relationship with my clients whether online or in person, and what clients say about the support I provide is incredibly important to me. 


The testimonials below  will give you an idea of the transformational  results that can be achieved if you choose to work with me. 

Simply scroll through and hover over the text to pause the transition to the next testimonial.


I hope you feel inspired and I look forward to supporting you on your unique recovery journey...remember there's no time like the present.  To get the ball rolling simply get in touch via the contact page to arrange a complimentary no obligation 30 minute call. 

Sally After photo_n.jpg

Sally's recovery story ..overcoming Long COVID and learning to live life authentically

What were the main issues you wanted Heather's support with?

I contracted Long COVID in March 2020 but went back to work soon after.  

I needed someone to guide me through the process of recovery and hold a beacon of hope that recovery was possible.  

It also helped me to plan my time, pace myself and prioritise things to help manage my fatigue in line with my new values. I learnt to love myself and put my health as a priority.

I no longer have the symptoms of fatigue and brain fog from Long COVID, although I still have to look after myself and maintain the good habits that Heather helped me to develop. 

What did you like about the way Heather works to support you?

Heather was kind, caring, thoughtful. 

Following on from the sessions, Heather would provide a detailed written summary with extra observations, explanations for things, suggestions for further learning. 

What did you learn from working with Heather?

Heather showed me that there was another way to live a more fulfilled, happy life. She made me realise that I had options and choices that were completely possible, however much I disbelieved and resisted. She gave me the courage to make changes. She made me believe in myself, and value myself and my health.

What in particular would you recommend to others thinking about working with Heather?

I cannot recommend or thank Heather enough. Heather was so patient with me when I was struggling to see goals or a way forward and acted as my best cheerleader, whilst giving me the responsibility and belief that I was capable of recovering.


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